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 While applying for any job you should use professional email because about 70% of applications will get rejected due to unprofessional email id.

Benefits of the professional email address

1. Easy to Notice By Recruiter - You know the recruiter gets 1000 application mail for 1 opening. To short and remember each and every candidate is very difficult for the recruiter. If you use a professional email address then he/she can easily find you in the mailbox.

2. Easy to remember to yourself - Think you are giving a telephonic interview and the interviewer wants to send some assignment or interview call for the second round then he/she ask you about your email. If you are using professional email then you can easily tell email on telephone call itself.

How To Create Professional Email For Me?

--> To create a professional email address is very simple. Please check one example: Consider
Your Name: Narendra Modi then Professional Email: but some time this email is already taken by someone then you can add some extra digits which easily recall you like For more details please check the below image.

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