Top 10 Electronics Companies In India

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1. Bajaj Electronics

It started off as a dream in the year 1983 with the first Bajaj Electronics branch at Hyderabad. We earned the trust of the locals and grew from strength to strength, to what is now a chain of the most genuine electronic stores across twin cities, offering quality service at the best price. An extension to those services is this online outlet where you can choose from a wide display of the latest gadgets & appliances while availing yourself of some crazy offers on the side! It’s faster. It’s smarter!

What gives us the edge over other online stores is our presence in the city. The 27 outlets are spread across the length and breadth of the city which offers the following advantages to its online buyers:

  • Fast, Safe & Hassle-free Delivery
  • Instant Installation
  • Best Services
  • Easy Returns & more.

2.  Havells India Ltd.

Havells India Limited is a Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) Company with an extremely strong global presence, thanks to our philosophy of Make in India, extensive distribution network, and world-class quality.

Making it in India, Taking it to the world

Havells India Limited is a leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) Company and a major power distribution equipment manufacturer with a strong global presence. Havells enjoys enviable market dominance across a wide spectrum of products, including Industrial & Domestic Circuit Protection Devices, Cables & Wires, Motors, Fans, Modular Switches, Home Appliances, Air Conditioners, Electric Water Heaters, Power Capacitors, Luminaires for Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial Applications. 

Powering market penetration with unmatched distribution strengths

The company pioneered the concept of the exclusive brand showroom in the electrical industry with ‘Havells Galaxy’. Today over 500 plus Havells Galaxies across the country are helping customers, both domestic and commercial, to choose from a wide variety of products for different applications. Havells became the first FMEG Company to offer doorstep service via its initiative ‘Havells Connect’.  Thanks to the quality of products and quicker service, it has minimum customer complaints and the highest customer satisfaction.

3. Aar em Electronics

CHAMPION UPS is a well-known brand of Aar-em Electronics Pvt. Ltd., a Pune-based company with 25 years of expertise in the manufacturing of reliable & high-quality UPS systems, backed by a sound nationwide/PAN India customer service support network. Aar-em pioneered the concept of the small UPS in the Indian market and has propelled itself to a pole position in a highly competitive field by offering state-of-the-art technology. Started in 1989, the company has carved a niche for itself in the manufacturing of high-quality UPS systems and other power-related electronics equipment. Our business is built on product innovation, a highly efficient supply chain, and strong strategic execution. The company develops, manufactures, and markets reliable, high-quality products and services for customers. A dedicated team of engineers. the modern manufacturing facility, round the clock service support, and strong R&D, are the core strengths of Aar-em

4. Midas Communication Technologies

Founded in 2015, Midas has made our name supplying high-performance integrated phone systems tailored to the specific needs of UK businesses. Based in Purton, Wiltshire, we are a leading supplier of PBX in Swindon and the surrounding area, with a large client base in Wiltshire and London.

At the forefront of the company, Keith and Darren have built Midas on a solid base of technological ability, and an understanding of business needs in the communications sector.

Keith brings a wealth of experience and talent when navigating the hosted markets in both telecoms and IT solutions. With over 20 years of experience in the telecoms industry, he has become an expert in introducing businesses to the hosted telephony marketplace. A family man who enjoys a variety of sports (although his knee may tell a different story), he is passionate about both work and play.

After working in the Communications and IT industry for some 20 years within various PLCs and Corporates, Darren decided it was about time to put the hard-earned knowledge and excellent relationships gained along the way to better use. Together with a team of like-minded individuals, he was a key player in creating Midas. His passions (in no particular order) are enjoying round golf (rarely enjoyable), cycling (still managing to avoid the lycra), the odd visit to the gym, walking the dog, and of course spending time with his 2 amazing children.

5. The Kirloskar Electric Company Limited

This company began many years ago in 1946 and deals specifically with transmission and transportation. Other areas in which it has an influence include power generation and renewable energy. Despite its longevity, this company is up to date with trends in electronics as seen in its approach to developing new, cheaper and better forms of renewable energy. It is also prolific in that it produces almost 100 different products.

When a company has longevity and a powerful catalogue, it deserves to be taken seriously. It has such a range of products and such a long history, this company may well be on your radar.

6. Jabil Circuits

This has become so successful that it produces electronic products not only for people in India but also abroad. It has been in operation for more than half a century and deals with the production of equipment used in health care, energy, the automotive industry and energy. The success of the company has seen it expand and its head office is now based in Florida in the USA.

If you have a travel bug, working for a company with overseas postings could have an enormous appeal. You could start working locally then make your move when the right opportunity comes along.

7. Bharat Electronics limited

This is unusual in that it is not a private enterprise but rather part of the government. Being government-owned gives it certain kudos and it has continued to grow since its inception in Bangalore in 1954. Today it specializes in medical and defence electronics. This is not unusual as it began life as part of the Ministry of Defence. There is certainly more security in working in a government owned enterprise.

8. Honeywell or Hail (Honeywell Automation India Limited)

They provide software solutions for use with electronics. HAIL is a leader in its field with 9 offices spread around India. It has a massive turnover and as such could be considered a Fortune 500 company. Students’ interest in software development will find Honeywell an ideal potential employer.

Being so big does mean a greater number of employees. Sometimes moving within India to take a job might be a wise move.

9. 3M India

This is another fast-growing company operating in a variety of areas including automotive,, health care and electronics. They make a variety of electronic products which are sold around the world. A typical example being the privacy filters which are found in desktop and laptop computers.

Any electronics company is looking at modern equipment and products. The world of computing constantly changes and this company gives its employees an opportunity to work at the cutting edge of computing technology.

10. Amara Raja Batteries

This is a particularly interesting electronics company. With the world fixated on finding a better and cheaper battery, especially for the automotive industry looking to reduce our reliance on oil. More importantly, these batteries have the capacity to provide lighting for people in remote and outlying locations. These batteries are a lifesaver in many situations. Graduates looking to explore employment in ground-breaking discoveries will find this company and others like it, a real challenge.

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