How To Write A Mail For Job Application For Freshers | How To Write Email For Job Application

 Job application to any company is your first impression or interaction with that company. We can say Resume or Mail Application show many things about you to HR.

Your application includes all required things in the mail then your application easily selected and gets called for an Interview. In this post, we will learn How to write an email to HR for a Job Application. we will check each and every field one by one.

1. Subject: If you are applying for any post then the Subject should define for that post only. You are applying for a Quality Analyst Job for the company then the Subject Should be a Job Application For Quality Analyst. But this subject line is also not providing more information to HR. For one job HR receiving more than 1000 applications, all are writing the same Subject. Such a subject does not provide full information about your Experience, Location, and Notice Period. HR needs to open your Resume to check those things. It will be time-consuming for HR to check 1000 resumes.

If You write Subject Quality Analyst | 5.2 Years | Pune | 1 Month --> Job Name | Experience | Location | Notice Period it will more informative than previous.
HR easily locate your profile for shortlisting.

2. Body For Mail: Many candidates are not writing anything in the mail body only attaching the resume and send to HR. In body should contain the following things
a. Respect to HR (Hello Ramchandra)
b. About your total experience
c. About technology used in the current and previous company
d. Domains
e. Tool/Software used
f. Current Location
g. Current Company

Check below mail body for reference

Hello Ramchandra,

  • I have 5.2 years of experience as a Quality Analyst.
  • I have 1.5 years of experience in Automation testing. Active part in Selenium Framework design and Test script design.
  • Experience in Functional Testing, Smoke Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Sanity Testing, System Testing, User Acceptance Testing.
  • Testing Mobile Apps, Web Apps, and Desktop Apps.
  • Experience in API testing using Postman.
  • Good understanding of SQL.
  • Basic knowledge of Linux.
  • I worked in different domains like Pharma(Clinical document generation), IoT(Smart Appliances), Service, etc
  • Current Location: Pune
  • Current Company: Experis IT(Whirlpool India)
  • Please consider my resume for QA Post.

3. Last important: Please do not forget to say thanks

JobRe.IN(Your Name)
9730914231(Your Contact)

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