How To Get Interview Calls - 3 Tips To Get Interview Calls

 A resume is your image in the mirror. You are adding all things related to you in your resume. But many time you miss somethings need to update or add in your resume. We will discuss mostly three things you forget most of the time.

1. Update Your Address: Many of us are living in a rented house. Mostly we change house after some time someone in 1 Year others may be in 3 - 5 Years at that time we forget to update new address in resume. Address mostly affect your offer. If you are leaving near to company then company(HR) try to give the first preference to you. Think you are near the company but your address is not updated!

Some peoples are changing their mobile numbers frequently but forget to update their own resumes due to such things you will lose your best opportunity.

2. Resume File Name: Are you thinking I am writing anything? Yes then read the full section. As we know that for one job application HR receive near about 1000 application. HR download all resumes from applicant's email. Please check How to Write An Email For Job Application? it helps you to shortlist your candidature for the job you applied for. In the download folder, he/she not easily track your resume if the name is given in an incorrect format. You may get a question about the correct name. Check the below example for the correct name for your resume file.


Name: Narendra Modi

Experience: 7 Years

Post: Project Manager

Correct Resume Name: Narendra_Modi_7_Years_PM

Incorrect Name: PM Resume, Resume, etc.

3. Send Resume on Working Hours: This is not 100% correct but If you send a resume on working hours on working day then you can catch the attention of the recruiter to your profile. It may be a positive impact on shortlisting your resume for an interview call.

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